Calmar Land Joins the Festivities at Pasayahan sa Lucena

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Calmar Land joins the Pasayahan sa Lucena
Calmar Land believes in honoring and embracing the rich cultural heritage of the places we operate in. By participating in Pasayahan sa Lucena, we demonstrate our deep appreciation for the traditions, arts, and vibrant spirit of Lucena City.
Calmar Land is thrilled to be a part of Pasayahan sa Lucena, a celebration that showcases the rich culture, heritage, and community spirit of Lucena City. Through its participation, Calmar Land aims to connect with the local community, support local artisans, and contribute to the overall vibrancy of the festival. Join us as we embrace the festivities, share our commitment to quality living, and celebrate the beauty and charm of Lucena City at Pasayahan sa Lucena.

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