Quezon Salesforce 4th General Meeting

Come & join us on Quezon Salesforce 4th General Meeting at 10 A.M on April 12, 2014 and enjoy the swimming & Aqua Zumba Activities at Citta Grande Clubhouse, Lucena City. More fun and Surprises  await you.


Ka-Summer Ka sa Saya

Ka-Summer Ka sa Saya!

Ngayong summer na Tuluy tuloy ang paghirit natin sa tag init, Kasali ka sa halo halong pakulo ng bentahan, Kasalo ka sa makukulay na pistahan, Kasama ka sa sari saring pasayahan, Dahil ngayong tag init na,  

Neviare Grand launch of House & Lot units

Amidst the sizzling backdrop of Mt. Malarayat, we invited you to cool down the summer with the succulent and savory chocolate confections we will serve while indulging you with hints of the neviare lifestyle you richly deserve. Who knows, maybe the next luxury you’ll crave for shall soon rise in this mouth-watering residential development, uniquely […]

Nevaire Grand Launch of House & Lot Units Invitation_Front